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TSC800 Functional Trainer

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TSC800 Twin weight stack is a versatile and functional piece of equipment ideal for the whole family and a great addition to any home gym.

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Function and style

Cable CrossOver machine TSC800 Twin Stack trainer is great value and a very versatile machine ideal for the whole family. The twin stacks (Durable plastic casing with iron-sand fillings) offer you a large selection of exercises to choose from and the option to target the entire body. Also offering the convenience of quick pin select weight stacks, which further adds to the practicality of the machine. Now in Stock.

Please Note: the bench featured in the video is not included in the price but can be purchased separately.

The Functional Bar on this Cable CrossOver allows to connect the two weight stacks (total 110kg/240lbs ) and utilise them in strength exercise. If you still need more weight you can load the weight stacks up to 200kg/440lbs (100kg/220lbs each stack) using the Saddle Weight Plate Brackets.

The pin select weight stacks also allows you to perform super sets or high repartition cardio type exercises which adds a totally different dimension to your exercise program. If you want to target core strength, stability, balance training or sports performance moves the BRUTEforce® TSC800 is a great choice.

The compact corner unit design of the TSC800 Cable CrossOver machine lends itself to easy placement in a home setting or garage gym. The 50mm x 50mm steel tube mainframe is anti-rust powder coated, steel wire cables with PU coating are rated to 1000lbs and pulleys have a 12 months warranty. Each PU twin weight stack is 55kgs/120lbs.

TSC800 Cable CrossOver Product Features:

  • Multi-position fully adjustable swivel pulley system.
  • Includes 2 x nylon ‘D’ handles.
  • Weight Stacks: Durable plastic casing (filled with iron-sand) total weight of both stacks, 240lbs (110kg). Each weight stack is 120lbs (55kgs).
  • Cross beam with multi-grip chin up bar.
  • Easy pull pin with handle to adjust height in seconds.
  • Self-aligning nylon pulleys and bearings for smooth exercises.
  • Solid construction provides a safe exercises.
  • Gives you some of the best exercises to build a rock solid body!

  • Heavy duty 50mm x 50mm steel tube construction.
  • Home Use
  • Quality bracing for correct body alignment throughout your workout.
  • Get a great workout with this strong and versatile Cable CrossOver Twin Stack machine.
  • Great for rehabilitation or any other workouts.
  • Quick and easy adjustments.
  • Assembly Dimension Front Width: 205 cm tapering to 80cm at the rear x Depth: 120 cm x Height: 215 cm.

Included Accessories:

  • Functional Bar: Designed to connect both pulleys enabling a diverse range of exercises.
  • Tricep Rope: Great for tricep and bike movements.
  • Pair of Cable Handles: Multiple attachment points with user friendly rubber grips and fabric straps.
  • Ankle Cuff: To enable leg extension, leg curl, glute kick back, adductor & abductor movements.

Saddle Weight Plate BracketThis enables you to increase each weight stack up to 100kg.

11 reviews for TSC800 Functional Trainer

  1. Brent A

    Excellent little unit.

  2. Troy Q

    I had no problems with Renouf Fitness or the cable machine, it does all they said and is a pretty good quality.

  3. Kazz G (AUS)

    Just what the doctor ordered or atleast the physio. My physio recommended this machine because of variety of movements and it has certainly proven beneficial to by recovering. thumbs up

  4. Guy E

    awesome equipment and easy people to deal with, very helpful.

  5. Glen B

    I’ve had a lot of home gyms in my day but this is exactly what I need at this stage of life. I made it up in just over 2 hours and it does all the exercises in my program and then some.

  6. John B

    Thanks for all the tips and delivering it on time to the day. We’ve been using it for nearly a month and are totally happy.

  7. Zoey K

    Happy, happy and happy. It was on time, no damage and dose everything you said.

  8. Anthony D

    Even though only home gym quality it is still ok for us. It was simple to put together and works well.

  9. Rich M

    Hi Guys, all of the family are using our TSC and it suits everyone, best of all it takes up very little room. thank you for your great service.

  10. Adie L (AUS)

    Hello Renouf team, we have made it up in our garage and it fits really well in the corner. The pluses are, 1) compact, 2) very versatile, 3) multiple exercises, 4) two weight stacks so two can use at same time, 5) fair price. The minuses are very few and in fact only one, there were two bolts missing, which i received from Renouf two days later.

  11. Robert W

    The manual is basic but thats all you’ll need only took me and son 2 hours to finish and so far works ok, no complaints.

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