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RAPT Leverage Gym

$ 1,495.00 AUD

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RAPT allows you to exercise all muscle groups with multiple exercises for each body part, and that is an understatement. With weight LOAD capacities for Pressing/Squatting Arms 250kg (550lbs) and cable/pulley 180kg (396lbs), the RAPT leverage gym is equally effective for the ‘beginner’ as it is for the ‘advanced’ Sports Pro. Fitted with adjustable Safety limiters, it offers peace of mind and a safe environment when attempting your ‘MAX’.


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$ 1,495.00 AUD ($ 1,495.00 AUD )
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Adjustable Dumbbells - Pair – 24kg - 4kg Increments
$ 495.00 AUD ($ 495.00 AUD )
Adjustable Dumbbells - Pair – 24kg - 2kg Increments
$ 750.00 AUD ($ 750.00 AUD )
Adjustable Dumbbells - Pair – 32kg - 2kg Increments
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Adjustable Dumbbells - Pair – 32kg - 4kg Increments
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Function and style

RAPT Lever Gym allows you to exercise all muscle groups with multiple exercises for each body part.
With the combined weight LOAD capacities for Pressing/Squatting Arms 200kg (440lbs) and cable/pulley 200kg (440lbs) RAPT lever gym is equally effective for the ‘beginner’ as it is for advanced trainers. Fitted with adjustable Safety limiters offers peace of mind and a safe environment when attempting your ‘MAX’. You will NOT out grow the BRUTEforce® RAPT lever gym.
PLEASE NOTE: the bench, calf block, rubber bands, tricep rope, ankle strap, foam neck pad and weight plates featured in the video and photos are not included but can be purchased separately. Videos show some of the exercises that are possible with the RAPT, but all the accessories shown are not necessary included. Please check listing for accessories included with your RAPT.

The Birth of RAPT Lever Gym
The Lever gym concept has been around for over 20 years with very little improvements with-in that time. BRUTEforce® design and production team spent two years re-designing and improving this basic but effective concept and now RAPT has arrived. The Design and Production team made up of sports professionals who are serious trainers and know their stuff built a product they wanted to use themselves.

Every inch of the machine was re-a valued, with leverages fine tuned and extra features added. Some of the changes are subtle and just gives a slightly better muscle contraction during exercises like Tricep extensions, Bicep curls and Lat pull downs. Other improvements such as ‘arc’ and range of movement during Leg Squats and the addition of a multi grip pull up station are a lot more obvious. The ‘Squat Bar Quick Release System’ is unique to RAPT and allows users to position them self under the fully loaded bar at the top of the movement, unlike other brands where you are required to bend down low under the bar.

BRUTEforce RAPT Lever Gym in More DetailRAPT’s two Arms can be used with the connecting bar, which locks them together for Squats, deadlift, shrugs, Calf Raises and other basic compound movements or used with out connecting bar for more isolated independent movements, such as alternate flat/incline/decline chest press, shoulder press and more. Also when locked together the arms form a great station for heavy dips. The two-pulley stations, one positioned High and the other at floor level with LOAD capacity of 200kg (440lbs), offer a huge number of exercises. Just a few are, Lat pull downs, Tricep press, Ab Crunch, Seated Row, Bicep Curls, Upright Rows and Core Twists.

Quality Design, Workmanship and Materials define RAPTSuperior design and engineering ensure a safer and more natural range of movement when the body is in action. Fitted with an adjustable safety pin to allow maximums to be performed safely.

Enlarged Foot PlateThe shape and size of the ‘checker plate’ platform was increased to create a spacious and secure work area.

Compact FootprintIs just another pleasant surprise with RAPT Lever Gym. Even with all of its features and all the exercise functions it can achieve, the footprint is still only; Width 1380mm (53 inch) x Length 1900mm (75 inch) x Height 2160mm (85 inch). Designed with four (4) weight plate storage horns holding up to 320kg (704LBS). The perfect fit for your Home Gym facility.

Multi Grip Chin Up StationHas 5 handgrips to suit long and short arm spans and fitted with climbers grips/cup to offer even more variety.

Accessories included are;

  1. Lever Arm Connecting Bar
  2. Long Pull Bar
  3. Short Pull Bar
  4. Chain lengths
  5. Band Pegs (please note: only two (2) pegs are supplied even though in some videos four are featured)
  6. Olympic Snap Lock Collars.

17 reviews for RAPT Leverage Gym

  1. Paul (WA)

    It was a bit of a struggle to put together but thats just me I have probs with opening a packet of chips. Impressed with the variety of exercises for such a compact machine thank for help 🙂

  2. Bernie (AUS)

    The best thing about the machine is the lever that allows you to load up the squat bar to the maximum weight while you are standing straight upright. Had another brand machine that I got rid of, had to load the weight plates on at the bottom of the squat position and then get under the bar and push up, not good. I got this BRUTE one three months ago and squats have increased by 25 kilos.

  3. Lahlan N

    shipping company messed up but Allana and Adam put in big time to sort it out. all ok in the end

  4. Peter (AUS)

    I would suggest the average person, depending on their practicable “know how”, would take 4-5 hours to make it up. I have a mechanical background and put it together in 2 1/2 hours. Instruction manual quiet good (could be improved), packed in wooden crate was good with little to no damage to parts. This Brands attention to detail is a plus with well thought out designed pull-up/chin-up assembly positioned at the top of the machine and the unique “quick release” Squat System. I find both of these features very useful. Before I commenced the build I had Zoom call with one of their staff members to clarify some points. Over-all I rate the entire purchase and installation process 4 out of five, took one off because nothing is perfect.

  5. Guston S

    only issue was no manual in box, but was emailed next day. instructions and quality good.

  6. Steve J (UK)

    very good delivery, very good home gym, works well, good service cheers

  7. Rikki (NZ)

    Renouf Fitness were great to deal with! Delivery was really quick also!

    The RAPT by Brute force is an awesome home gym! I have had 2 other home gyms before this and both were either cumbersome, not very well made or did not allow enough weights to be supported! The RAPT has taken care of all of these! It is very strongly made, allows a good deal of weight plates to be supported and the ease of use is just phenomenal! Just a quick movement or push or pull of a pin and you have changed to a new workout! It is a great all body workout gym! I can’t get over how great this thing is! Putting the thing together was pretty easy and only took a couple of hours! Everything you need is is in the box and very well wrapped! The Renouf delivery lads were really helpful and friendly as well! All in all it has been a great experience!

  8. Bob K

    Manufactured very well for this priced machine, good value

  9. Andy Q (NZ)

    yes arrived on the day. cheers

  10. Paul J

    Awesome gym, goes together very easily and works a treat.

  11. John R (NZ)

    RAPT was delivered promptly from their North Island warehouse in excellent plywood packaging with everything bubble wrapped.
    Assembling it took about 3 to 4 hours as I had to do some things twice because the instructions were a bit difficult to follow.
    But since I’ve been using it for the last 6 weeks my home gym training has been transformed. I workout at home alone but the RAPT allows me to load up far more weight than usual as I know if I fail I won’t have a barbell or dumbbell come crashing down on me. I can now do exercises that I thought I could only do in a gym. Glad that I bought it and it’s well worth the money.

  12. Ronda L

    Great present but father Christmas forgot to put it together for me. Not a biggy only took about 2 and a bit hours so not bad. All-in-All surprising amount of exercises for such a compact machine. 100% happy.

  13. Jonny P (AUS)

    If you want a gym that does not take up too much room and still does all the basic exercises this is pretty good. arrived one day late, not bad for Aussie transport.

  14. Stephen S (AUS)

    very easy to assemble did it myself in about three hours. good unit

  15. David M

    A very solid and well designed home gym. All the basics exercises are covered but not to the degree of some other functional trainers but they are twice the price. All in all good very good value.

  16. Quinton A (AUS)

    Not as many exercise option as some of the other machines but also smaller footprint and not the price tag.

  17. Brent D

    Super happy with the RAPT gym.

    Renouf Fitness/Brute Force were great to deal with – super responsive and went above and beyond to assist with details to get me comfortable when buying without being able to see in a show room.

    Delivery arrived on time (west coast to east coast Australia). Packaging very robust.

    Assembly was easy – 3 hours solo. Instructions very good.

    Most importantly, very happy with the product. I had a Powertec Workbench Multi system but wanted to downsize. Quality is comparable (old Powertec before the reported more recent quality issues) and way cheaper. Huge variety of exercises possible – some obvious, some with a bit more ‘innovation’. The squat quick release which allows you to squat off the top position is particularly noteworthy and sets it apart from competitors in my view.

    Overall extremely happy.

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